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Here at Triple Aces we offer a wide array of casino card games. It is not known when the card game originated. It is generally assumed that the card game originated in China, some time after the invention of paper. The games have been lost from that period. The oldest known Chinese card game dating back to the 17th century, while in China already was played in the seventh century with paper cards.

Wide array of card games

Each player prefers yet another game which other rules are attached. One game offers more opportunities to increase your chances of winning. These are the more strategic games where you can be better your play. In these games, it is especially important to learn the rules. You'll quickly see that playing strategy games are more fun as you understand and know the rules. To make it easy for yourself, you can record the most important rules. Many players help to write the rules.

Blackjack and other table games

If you want to play card games on the Internet, then you might as well go for blackjack. The modern card game is an invention of the Middle Ages, where it was played in different courts. Only later it became popular among the people. In the game's main groups were represented. You can see the colours: hearts are in church, spades (a stylized weapon) for the nobility or the military, diamonds (gems) Trade and clubs for farmers.

The meaning of the playing cards 

Off course, the king was not forgotten. Because he was the most important person in the country, a special card for him and one for his wife was the queen. The addition of the farmer is a bit of an enigma. He is perhaps the king of the serfs, and the army was king for conjugation. Both contributed to its wealth and power, but also were a power in itself.