Quickspin Videoslots

Quickspin is a studio from Stockholm, Sweden that makes online video slots. They are relatively new in the casino market but are making a speedy march and are getting better known as we speak. More and more casinos also have the quickspin games in addition to the well-known software like NetEnt and Microgaming. The video slots they make are famous for their beautiful graphics and innovative gameplay.

Quickspin video slots are easy to play

Quickspin would like to revitalize the entire online gambling industry. These are of course strong words from an emerging online video slot maker. An online slot machine maker that only offers slot machines and no online video slot machines. Here, of course, we are awaiting this with sorrow. Quickspin is just there, but we can praise them for their groundbreaking features and effective approach. An approach to quality and pleasure. The online slots of Quickspin all know an equal way to control the slot machine. The buttons are set in a nice bar in the bottom part of the screen. Off course there are slight differences, but the rough lines are all the same.

Prize winning video slots

There are several online slots marketed by Quickspin. They often have five reels with three rows and multiple paylines. In addition there are wild symbols, double wild symbols, free spins and also multipliers and even avalanches. There are plenty of great options, features and possibilities to enjoy. It's great to discover what's possible with these beautiful online slot machines from Quickspin. Quickspin's slot machines are also often mentioned in price winning contests. Not only the players of the slots win a prize but also the creators. It is true that they often win an award. Recently for the best slot machine of the year. Good right!